Why Check Your Security?


With its Head office in the East of England and offices in London and Liverpool, Check Your Security was founded in 2005 with a Vision & Focus on Digital IP security systems integration.  This included CCTV, Access Control, Intruder, IP intercom and other auxiliary systems. Our founders came from the IT and Security market places and could see the need for professional IP services in the security industry.

Our founding ethos has been: Service, Transparency and Openness offering Customer Choice, high levels of professional service to meet and exceed their expectations. 

Since becoming an accredited security integrator under the UK Accreditation Service inspection board in 2006, Check Your Security has worked with a broad range of UK educational, national infrastructure, public space and health authorities helping them to obtain and deliver new security technologies in line with the sector compliancy models.

Our dedicated team has expertise in delivering innovative security solutions from a variety of disciplines including Video Surveillance, Digital Intercom CCTV upgrades, Enterprise Access Control, Automatic Door and Key management systems helping many trusts meet key requirements for monitoring sensitive areas whilst ensuring a safe environment for patients, staff, students and visitors. 

With Unique products from our Professional services group like Check Your Security’s Enterprise Audit Report (EAR©) gives customers a detailed Asset register of their security products, its current condition and making it easier for them make evidence based and informed decisions. 


Being hardware agnostic we offer clients choice and impartial advice, which enables them to make strategic evidence based and informed decisions regarding their digital future. By offering multiple solutions as options, explaining the differences and benefits to each client, helping them choose what is the best fit for them and if it suites their current and future objectives.


Working with an array of clients such as large Hospitals, Universities, Stadiums, Ports and National infrastructure sites, Check Your Security make a significant effort to understand issues which affect these clients, enabling our team to put forward security solutions that will meet and at times exceed our customer’s objective and expectations. 


Check Your Security work with their clients, to clearly understand Why these products and services are required and needed from a customer’s perspective, then offers multiple options and solutions for their clients to make informed decisions that best meet their needs.

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