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Norwich City Football Club (NCFC)

Norwich City Football Club (NCFC) must comply with strict Football Association (FA) guidelines and standards. Failure to comply results in postponed matches, additional police reinforcements and loss of earnings. Video surveillance systems have to be scalable and fit for purpose, utilising the latest cameras and servers. With over 27,000 regular supporters, it is paramount to safeguard visitors at Carrow Road with an integrated system that is fully scalable with large video storage capabilities.


Flir systems address all needs as far as video surveillance on site being truly scalable. The systems integrate all existing cam- eras and provide a great platform for growth, with the capability of up to 5,000 cameras should they need. A Flir system can be integrated with Fire & Intruder, Access Control, IP Intercom and a vast array of cameras to enable the control centre to be the hub of all communication. Ease of download for evidence gath- ering during matches or events held at the stadium is simplified.


The Flir fully scalable video management system, manages the security needs for the club’s present and future needs. The in- troduction of better quality images and a large array of camera supported, allows for full 4K picture quality and the ability to im- plement sophisticated analytics as and when required, including face recognition.

- 36TB+ storage
- Quicker Incident Resolution
- Interoperable and scalable solution
- Increased overall security
- Security with area control
- Consume less space and power
- Lower operational costs
- Ease of operator training & use of system