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Peel Ports UK Great Yarmouth CCTV

Challenged with helping Peel Ports enhance Port Security, whilst complying with industry regulations & improve their operational proficiencies they needed an advanced flexible HD surveillance system that could leverage the existing network infrastructure & integrate this with the Portís current analogue based cameras. There was a need to increase safety through leveraging Thermal Imaging, with a centrally based control room & wider deployment within Great Yarmouth.


Peel Ports Great Yarmouth relies on a Latitude Video Management System from Flir allowing for seamless forensic quality-imaging to ensure safety and emergency protocol. Utilising Quad HD Cameras, Predator HD - 360 Vision Cameras, Encoded Analogue Cameras via Flir Encoders, allowing Peel Ports many options from the Harbour and town of Great Yarmouth.


Improved operational efficiency with Thermal Analytics giving a guaranteed detection in any environment. Leveraging the existing network infrastructure, through Wireless Mesh and a fibre back bone. A flexible and scalable system and centralised processing, allowing for enhanced 24/7 operation of the Port by managing remote areas such as the Old Bridge and Outer Harbour.