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Southend University Hospital NHS

Southend University Hospital Trust (SUHT) were faced with servers at the end of life, and the need for a new back end system to leverage current cameras to full resolution, plus in- troducing Thermal and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) options. With an in- creasingly busy A&E department and 737 beds serving 750,000 people, new installations and upgrades were to be completed with no impact on daily operations across the hospital.


SUHT elected Check Your Security to install Flir Servers, the hospital wisely invested in advanced cameras years ago, newly installed servers allow the cameras to be fully optimized at their highest Mega Pixel and Frame Rate. The Flir system provides fully scalable video surveillance on site, integrating all existing cameras & providing a great platform for growth, with the capa- bility of a higher MP Thermal and PTZ cameras. The Flir system takes advantage of technology trends within the Fire Intruder, Access Control, CCTV & IP Intercom. The new system has simplified the download time for incident responses and facilitated the control centre to be the hub of all communication.


The Flir system integrated the existing Mobotix high-definition digital surveillance cameras, easily enabling cost effective inte- gration into the SUHT’s existing infrastructure, consuming less space & power. Flir thermal technology, forensic and intelligent analytics offer the ability to make their system “smart” with busi- ness rules being able to be enforced compliance at the earliest instance, creating an extremely friendly environment at the same time, helping security staff leverage hardware & software to make quicker more effective decisions & reduce response times. The new Flir system has all the components to take the trust where it wants & needs to go & help make their staff more responsive to this new and challenging environment.

- Better video quality

- Lower operational costs

- Analytic and thermal options

- Reduced internal investigation time