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University of East Anglia - Bob Champion Research & Medical Centre Access Control

The University of East Anglia (UEA) urgently needed a new building that enabled ground breaking research and a medical centre, serving as a link with the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, with a generous donation from former grand national winner, the Bob Champion Research & Medical Centre was born. Challenged with laboratories for fighting infectious diseases and a working medical centre under one roof, surveillance and access control had to be provided at the highest standard serving the respective disciplines.



The University of East Anglia elected Check Your Security to provide an access control solution that integrates with the UEA’s existing security. Trimec locks seamlessly integrates into the existing Gallagher Access Control System that the UEA has invested in over the years, with Gallagher T12 Readers allowing the UEA the ability to easily & cost effectively increase Access Control doors. TDSi Expert 4 & Exprox 2 Card Readers provide a fully flexible integrated building with multiple access control options. This solution allows for the specific needs of medical practitioners and researchers to inhabit a building safely and securely when providing medical consultations & researching cures for infectious diseases.




A future proofed fully scalable and integrated IP Access Control & Digital Surveillance System, allowing sensitive disciplines to work safely and securely, side by side under one roof.


-           Lower operational costs

-           Environmental credentials

-           Add new doors & cards easily

-           Reduce internal investigation time

-           Fully integrated & scalable system

-           Easily Integrates with existing campus & hospital 

            security solution