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University of East Anglia - The Elizabeth Fry Building

In 1995 The University of East Anglia (UEA) sought a new, on-campus accommodation, with meeting and lecture halls to support increasing student numbers while continuing to deliver an excellent level of education. The project objectives were to achieve very high standards of sustainability within a challenging 3.5m construction budget in 1995, with a potential occupancy of 850 people. Therefore the access control and surveillance cameras must be discreet & integrated with the Universities present and future ambitions.



The University of East Anglia elected Check Your Security to install Mobotix i25 fully IP surveillance cameras, a new Gallagher 4R Controller & T Series Readers that seamlessly integrates into the existing Gallagher Access Control system that the UEA has invested in over the years, allowing the UEA the ability to easily increase Access Control doors and Cameras as and when required. This solution is in keeping with the UEA’s green environmental credentials.




A fully scalable Digital Access Control and IP CCTV solution, with an extensive fibre network, future proofed cabling and wider infrastructure. With IP CCTV & T Series Card Readers allows for a fully scalable solution that integrates with the existing UEA system. 


-           Lower operational costs

-           Reduce internal investigation time

-           Fully integrated system

-           Fully scalable system

-           Environmental credentials

-           Easily Integrates with existing campus security