Gold Status Attained

Rochdale Lancashire: - Check Your Security a Norfolk based Network Video Integration Partner (NVIP) has been awarded Gold status by ADI-Gardiner.

Check Your Security were awarded NVIP last year, this has resulted in a new level of clientel, reflecting their professional approach, quality of instillation and customer care.


Their vision of an IP based future seems to hit a common cord with clients, utilising their Enterprise Audit Report (EAR) where clients are given a clear understanding of what they have in place and what they can upgrade to as far as IP CCTV upgradability and IP integration is concerned.


Check your Security Ltd has recently won a number of new projects, one of which is at the University Campus Suffolk and more recently their win at Southend NHS Hospital trust. Mobotix cameras are being used exclusively at the trust and the UK’s first installations of 620 Overland Snap servers are being used. These units have the capacity to hold up to 84TB of storage each and will be pivotal in the trusts CCTV storage requirements and future storage upgrades.

Check Your Security have been pushing the Vision of IP CCTV and Access control market since they came on board as an NVIP and deserve their current success. We have worked closely with them on a number of projects and have been impressed by their professionalism and commitment to their clients - Jonathan Webster IP Sales manager ADI-Gardiner.