Low light pollution puts Criminals Under the Spotlight

The University of East Anglia has recently installed new high performance PTZ CCTV with IR and LED white light from 360 Vision.

The fine balance between creating enought lighting for security purposes and unnecessary light polution at the UEA that would affect students that live on site has now been solved.

With a range of 125 meters for white light / IR and integrated to their existing Milestone Corporate IP based CCTV VMS system,  360 Vision Predator heavy duty cameras offered the ability to view previously low light and dark areas on campus,  aleviating the need for costly and extensive lighting systems that would light up and affect student accomodation areas. These LED lights fixed to the cameras can now be switched on as and when required minimising any averse effects on the students.


Nick Jope from the UEA "its important that security has high visability but keeps a low profile at the UEA. These cameras can in a instant light up areas where poor lighting would make it difficult to see what was going on - this lighting  can stay on for minimum periods thereby not affecting student sleep or comfort. As an aside getting the spot lights from the cameras to highlight muster areas to be able to count students in times of emergency at nightime  and insure everyone is out of the building is something that extends the system beyong just security."

 The University has initially deployed four of the 360 Vision Predator cameras which could grow subject to positive feedback and new requirements for the site.