Expro appoints Check Your Security

EXPRO chose ‘Commend’ installation by Check Your Security Ltd

EXPRO a leading performer in the oil and gas industry has just upgraded their Great Yarmouth office with a new Commend intercom system and extended their Paxton access control through local installation and integration company Check Your Security Ltd.  A crucial part of the project was integrating Cisco call manager phone system to the Commend intercom system thereby making it easier to control barriers and doors.




Expro’s mission is “well flow management” providing their customers with the services, products and expertise they need to measure, improve, control and process flow from their high-value oil and gas wells.


With the need to upgrade the intercom and access control system on their front entrance at the Great Yarmouth offices, EXPRO wanted a one stop shop so elected Check Your Security to install and commission a scalable and compatible ‘Commend’ system for their Intercom.