Michael Angelo takes residence in Norfolk

In their latest diversification of the company in responds to end user expectation and demand Check Your Security Ltd, has installed a Michael Anglo barrier from BFT Automation (UK) Limited at the University of East Anglia.

BFT Automation (UK) Limited is a UK subsidiary of BFT S.P.A., an Italian manufacturer of access automation technology who specialise in gate and door automation for the home and commercial markets as well as providing a range of technology solutions for car parking systems.


Stewart Phillips Area sales manager for BFT “We are always looking for value add organisation such as Check Your Security Ltd but they are a rare breed. When I initially spoke to them about after barriers as a natural progression to what they already did they were cautious but it was obvious to me they had all that was needed to integrate sophisticated electronic access control & CCTV systems to our barrier and gate system- it was the perfect match”