Crystal Clear Picture With Ultra HD / 4k

In a move to deliver on leading edge technology and show to its customers Ultra HD/4K technology in CCTV. Check Your Security has today taken delivery of one of the first 4K cameras that has arrived in the UK from DVtel one of the leading CCTV systems suppliers in the world.

Check your security are extremely excited at the prospect of Ultra HD or 4K CCTV for evidence quality images it sets the goal posts even higher that standard HD and being very visual it is easy for everyone to see the difference in clarity in images. This is the future no doubt about it and Check Your Security is currently demonstrating and showing this new technology to its existing customers and partners.


One of the big feature of the new DVtel 4k camera is that it has a bigger CMOS sensor  from its competitors which makes a big difference as a bigger sensor can gather more light hence a better image. added to this its compression techniques enable it tocompress this vast amount of data in much smaller files this improves bandwidth and storage requirement.