It's not every day that someone scores a perfect 100%

As part of its commitment to training, ensuring Check Your Security engineers are at the highest level of training on individual systems we support. Nathan was recently sent to dvtel headquarters to be trained on their mid to high end Latitude Video Management Systems.

The course is intensive over multiple days to ensure that delegates have ample time to familiarise themselves with the product and are self-sufficient upon leaving. The various systems that Nathan had to learn were complex and required long hours of study and an acute understanding.



It is not often that someone can claim a perfect 100%, once again Check Your Security has recruited an individual dedicated towards excellent customer service.

“All congratulations to Nathan as he put in a lot of effort prior to attending the course and was helped by a number of personnel in our technical team to insure that he went in all guns blazing also good effort team! – must admit he surprised us all with a perfect 100% pass mark.

Nathan joined Check your Security to be involved in front line support to our customers and based on these types of results we couldn’t put them in more capable hands. Congratulation Nathan 

Carl Pace MD Check Your Security