10 years focused on IP security

Having been early adopters of IP CCTV and IP security in general and always looking at leveraging technological change for the benefitís it would bring to their customers, Check your Security mark their 10th year in servicing and supporting their customers.

We have been the quiet achieves focusing on our client’s needs and goals rather than ourselves - this has help us hone our skill sets and set our direction that not only is where clients wanted to go in but the industry in general was heading. We have seen some major events and products come into existence and sometimes it is good to look back and monitor the rate of change – its moving faster than ever with major benefits to customers and the industry overall.

If we look at Digital photography & IP CCTV cameras for instance, in 2005 still relatively new with a few leading the way with Mobotix  1 Megapixel cameras quickly moving to 3 megapixel and much higher capacities 29 Megapixel with Avigilon. Storage and more storage needed for all these larger file sizes not to mention the strain on the network traffic and switches - gigabit switches now the norm for the naïve or unprepared to have to make major misjudgements if not factored in.

Hard drives continue to make dramatic improvements in size everyone now expecting 100% growth in capacity as the norm when compared in 2005 120 Gigabyte SATA drives being one of the first cost effect drives available with now the equivalent being 4 terabytes  in size for approximately the same price  that 33.3 x 120 Gigabytes- wow. Then we have Monitors from standard VGA now we have 4k Ultra HD to show every blemish in old equipment or wrongly installed equipment.

The industry has now take IP fully on board and the benefits to integration are now some of the challenges that present themselves, being complicated end users are looking for partners that are capable of reaching this mark- glad to say we have 10 years of experience up on the board to leverage from.