Commend Training

Commend VirtuoSIS and ComWIN training completed - why?



In line with our goal to train personnel to the highest level so that we can add the most value to our customers, Check Your Security has successfully trained a number of its senior engineers on Commends new VirtuoSIS and ComWin software products. The level of training and knowledge attained from these courses are of the highest industry standard available.


 “It is extremely important to us as a company and as professional security engineers that we just don’t talk the talk but can assist and help in rolling out complex projects and solution for our clients. We have a close working relation with Commend Technical staff and have a history as a company to not only sell and commission systems but to maintain and support existing customers to a high level.” Wayne Dyble   Services Director


What is VirtuoSIS

Virtualisation and cloud based solutions is being embraced by a substantial part of the market to help reduce hardware requirements reduces environmental impact and reduces costs. Today’s powerful servers are capable of running not only, many applications but multiple systems at the same time reducing server room space, power and costs. VirtuoSIS is a scalable solution that manages many 100’s of devices and IP Intercom systems from a central location in a cost effective manner optimising server performance with seamlessly integration.


What is ComWin?

ComWin is a graphical user interface for sophisticated IP Intercom and control systems.

 It provides in real-time environments a graphical interface to control and manage not only IP intercoms but doors barriers and telephones in control room environments and on multiple front desks environments around large sites. They say a picture tells a thousand words when you are talking about access to restricted sites or areas,  be it national infrastructure, airports or NHS hospitals and you want staff to understand sophisticated systems quickly graphical view is the best way of making this happen with minimal training required.

If you have a sophisticated and complex need for a state of art IP intercom, ComWin graphical front in conjunction with Commend hardware gives you a visual representation of what is happening in a live environment thus making it extremely easy to train personnel on using very complex Intercom and access control systems.