Customer Retention is Fundamental!

Long term success cannot be achieved without good customer retention! True or false? Looking at last year's sales figures, which were excellent, we decided to take a closer look.

Long term success cannot be achieved without good customer retention! 

True or False?
Looking at last year’s sales figures, which were excellent, we decided to take a closer look - to try and understand what were the fundamentals of this success and obviously try to repeat them.

108% year on year sales growth with 99% customer retention rate are great figures, especially in the security market place however you look at it. But how did this happen? 

Trying to understand Why and What you are doing right is sometimes even harder than 
spotting what you are doing wrong. Repeating what we do is what I believe we as a company should be focusing on as that is the value add we offer our customers.

Who do you ask? 

A good and obvious starting point are your customers; asking them why they use us versus going somewhere else. It’s always very interesting to listen & hear what they say, clearly understanding what’s important to them and what they value. 

Here is some of the feedback we received, in alphabetical order:

“At Alder Hey our working partnership with Check Your Security has been exceptional. Their skill and technical know-how has enabled us to build a robust and reliable security system that is suitable for our trust.”

Greg Murphy - LSMS (Local Security Management Specialist) Head of Security

“The big thing as I mentioned is the continued after sales service from the engineers on and off site trouble shooting”.
Simon Wardale - Facilities and Services Contracts

“Trust and respect are important components this doesn’t come over night but built up over time with lots of deeds and effort hence why we work with Check Your Security.” 

Andy Batley - Security Manager Norwich City Football Club

Having worked with Check Your Security for a number of years they have helped us get to where we want to be today and have positioned us well for the future, we see them as a trusted partner. Exceptional attention to customer focus with prompt response and delivery. The complete package.”

Kevin Chinnery - Head of Security / LSMS/CRT Southend NHS University Trust

“UEA has worked with Check Your Security for some time now and they have gone the extra mile to understand our business and how we want to operate now as well as in the future. This collaborative working is essential for us to be able to set the platforms which are sustainable going forward.”

Christine Beverage - Head of Security UEA

To summarise - continued and long term ‘service and support’ is imperative as people appreciate good service. 

You cannot fake great service and support or get around it! 
It’s what makes a good organisation into a great organisation!

But how can you make this happen? 

Look after your customers, and staff - go that extra mile for both, making sure your management are aware and are engaged at ALL levels with customers & staff to ensure excellent service happens every day!

People and belief are critical components in making this happen - hiring the right people that care and have similar belief systems as your own is important, putting systems in place to communicate and managing and tracking issues is essential. Most importantly having customers that can clearly see what value you are adding to the relationship is crucial.

Right People + Belief + Service + Systems + Actions 

= Happy Customer

Given time and effort, customers view your organisation to be an extension of themselves, a ‘trusted and valued advisor’ that is our goal, helping our customers solve their problems.

But if it’s that simple, why doesn’t everyone do this?

It’s not easy, it’s costly, expensive, requires major commitment and focus from senior managers down to the most junior staff member 24 x 7. 

This is why when an organisation gets larger it’s far more challenging to offer the same levels of on-going service & support. 

When you take into account the time spent training staff members on various products and systems, it quickly becomes very costly. Something large organisations can’t quickly scale up to, electing to support a smaller product set, usually a proprietary system with support being provided by a small group of specialists to keep costs down and margins up for their board and investors.

"This cost we see as an investment and imperative for our ongoing success our value add to our customers, a price we at Check Your Security are more than happy to pay."

Carl Pace – Managing Director, Check Your Security

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