Control Room Screen Calibration

If you look at a picture on the internet chances are you are looking at it slightly different from everyone else. If you then try and print what you see, it sometimes leads to disappointment Why? Calibration


With Control room personnel looking at different screens for extended periods of time what they see can be different from one screen to another and more importantly with reality.  

Take the monitors in a video wall in a control room environment, on closer inspection sometime the red or brightness on one screen does not match the red on another - with HD, 4K and curved screens thrown in the mix it’s important that what you see is consistent across the whole system.

Why is this so?  

Calibration of screens and printers needs to be done as they are all starting from a slightly different reference point that have been factory programmed or have been set to different modes.

Remember looking at badly calibrated screens for long period of time is a strain on your eyesight causing eye strain fatigue and potential other side effects like headaches.

So calibration is important for health and the wellbeing of your staff so that they are ready should an incident occur plus you have consistent picture quality across your site.