UEA Upgrade to Milestone Corporate

In keeping with the universities strategy of having a flexible & modern IP based CCTV system that is open to leverage technology and integration trends when they become commercially viable, the university has recently upgraded to Milestone Corporate Video Management System.

Trevor Smith, Campus Services Manager for the UEA, “We were one of the first universities to see the full benefits of investing in IP CCTV and made these decisions early, upgrading to the latest version of Milestone software gives us total flexibility – which is in total contrast to where we were when we started. With integration now being the new buzz word we are in a very good position to review all the multitude of options, knowing that our system can integrate with most systems, whether that be Access Control, Intruder, Fire or BMS (Building Management System) it makes our life a lot easier and we now have control of our own destiny which has reduced our risk dramatically not to mention making managing the whole process a lot easier.”


Besides their existing three HP recording servers  each with 16 Terra bytes of storage which was used by their earlier Milestone Enterprise™ system a new management server has been put in place thereby giving the university a truly scalable solution capable of 1000’s of cameras and devices all this under one user interface something that their 32 security personnel have been using for a number of years. Having the ability to integrate a number of system without major software development because of Milestone partner relationships and open API philosophy has given the university something they always wanted – Choice with flexibility!