Sir Bill Gallagher visits Check Your Security Head Office

Check Your Security were honoured to have played host to a visit from Gallagher Group Chairman Sir William Gallagher, at our head office in West Somerton Norfolk, 6th September 2019.



Presentations were given which outlined Gallagher successes around the world, an overview of company history and innovations in technology that Gallagher Security had made. An overview of current and future developments and product releases within Gallagher security were covered with a briefing on new high security products being discussed.

It’s always good when senior management has a good grasp of their company’s direction and the technology they use. Gallagher security is using cutting edge technology and Sir Bill also has a good understanding of the global market. His delivery and enthusiasm makes it obvious he enjoys new technology and science in general. Sir Bill’s charisma made the whole process interesting and fun for everyone concerned and showed Gallagher as a leader in the security market worldwide.

It was also interesting to note some of the other things and committees he belongs to, especially the Manuka Honey committee of New Zealand where he is taking an interest into what technology could be used in the bee’s welfare - given the plight of the Europeans honey bee worldwide.