Commend Lock Down

Site Lock Down with Commend - Why? Check Your Security is the first partner to commit to a Commend lead information campaign to highlight to existing and potential customers the benefit of utitising Commend IP Intercom to orchestrate and manage site Lock down procedures.

 “If you think about it obvious, in an emergency the main thing you need to do is communicate to everyone on site giving precise instructions and up-to-date information, managing the emergency that can change second by second at the same time controlling all exits doors via the one system. Besides informing it helps to stops panic when people feel trapped as they know what is going on and what they should to do next.

Commend can do this with exceptional clarity of sound, managing background sounds at the same time controlling the access control doors no matter what access control system is in place- in seconds! Did I mention the scalability and flexibility of the Commend VirtosSiS system ? If you are looking for a large to very large and complex implementation of PA you seriously need to take a closer look as the options open to you.  

How do they do this? Commend use their own communications protocols rather than dial up telephony system which are slow- their response time is one (1) second – lock down in one second truly amazing”