Check Your Security can supply a wide range of cameras including; Analogue High Definition (HD) or Mega pixel.  Bomb proof, Thermal, or PTZ are also available.  These are from amongst the world's leading manufactures.

IP CCTV cameras and technology are now well established within the security industry.  The number of options available from numerous suppliers and manufacturers is exponentially increasing on a daily basis and this is potentially causing some confusion for prospective buyers, consultants and recommenders.  With the range of products and pricing on offer, finding the right solution to your needs and budget is a lot closer with the right advice and guidance.  You can be guarenteed that Check Your Security will deliver a professional and reliable solution tailored to meet your requirements. We have a policy of offering three options where possible to a client's need, thereby giving them choice and will be installed by our fully trained and accredited staff.

Understanding that not all IP/ Megapixel or HD cameras are created equal is a good starting point.  The range of quality products at a cost effective price has undoubtedly increased but Google is awash on face value with products that could create the wrong expectations and not address a customer’s need. It is important not to get the cart in front of the horse as far putting camera selection first.  There are lots of different cameras to choose from, focusing on the system as a whole and other critical components could be more important.  Understanding why you need CCTV and addressing these issues as a whole with the relevant Video Management System VMS could be a better choice of priorities.


Check Your Security supply a wide range of cameras including; Analogue, High Definition (HD) or Mega pixel, specialist Bomb proof, Thermal, most cameras are either fixed or PTZ versions. These are available from a variety of the world's leading manufactures.

Video Management Systems (VMS)

Fully scalable and integrated IP Video Management System from 1 to 10,000 Cameras with Access Control, Fire and Intruder Integration.

ANPR, DVD / Blue-Ray Incident Recording

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Synopsis and other various analytics are available from world leaders in this field. A world leader in solutions targeting storage and distribution of digital content is a company called Rimage who have developed an integrated solution that solves critical content distribution and long term archiving issues in the surveillance industry.


Check Your Security can offer comprehensive maintenance to existing and new systems, making changeover much easier.

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