We offer a range of consulting services be it Risk Management and Mitigation or technology to help you make the correct choice.

We offer a consulting service to help you understand your current installation or Risks at your site, highlighting any associated issues or concerns and guide you through a number of choices open to you enabling you to plan upgrades and any required replacements or additions to your existing systems. We can also help in Risk Mitigation and help put in place site procedures, plans and policies.

Check Your Security pride ourselves with the level of service and customer focus we provide our clients - we give you control and assist in helping map out strategic directions as far as security is concerned. We work with and understand the latest in Security & CCTV technology and have a successful track record in providing innovative and integrated designs at new and established sites with an array of satisfied customers.


Professional Services- Design & Build or just Implement

From an initial building drawing, a complete security system can be designed and specified to meet the customer's requirements in CCTV, Access Control, Intruder etc.

Enterprise Audit Report (EAR)

If you have a medium to large analogue CCTV or Access Control System that needs upgrading, this product will give you a blue print for success and greatly reduce risk factors, making sure that the best workable and scalable solutions are highlighted and chosen.

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Why do we need this Enterprise Audit Report! - is this not just additional cost and just a site survey?

Can get our current installer or a new installer to do this at no charge?

How would this help in our long term plans?

Who has undertaken this type of report and was it successful?