Perimeter Fencing

If you require the ultimate deterrent of 7000v fencing that also interacts with your CCTV, we can deliver this for you. 

In the event of an incident a notification can be sent to select individuals via SMS or email so that an appropriate course of action can be taken.

High Voltage

A fully integrated security solution with 7000 volts of fencing for an additional deterrent.

Gates & Barriers

Heavy Duty security sliding gates and barriers range of products that be tailored to suit your security needs.

Lighting IR & LED

Perimeter fencing can be from standard chain mail fencing to a fully integrated electric fence where deterrence is provided through an electric pulse which is sent around the fence line every 1.2 seconds.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Comprehensive maintenance of existing and new systems making changeover much easier. Cleaning of cameras and fencing to remove salt and other impurities that could affect the overall serviceability of cameras and high voltage fences.

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