Door Entry

Whether your requirement is for a small, medium or a very large number of card holders, Check Your Security can provide this.

Access Control (AC) is a vital part to any security system to manage access to a building and restricted areas. AC systems today are very scalable products with systems being able to handle 1000’s of doors with some systems capable of supporting 500,000+ card holders, recording all movements and reporting back on any alarms to the system. In addition, having an audit trail should a major incident occur.

Access control systems come in many different varieties but in general are all very similar in what they do, even if they do it in slightly different ways. When looking at a completely new installation, consideration should be given to controller units and how many doors can be controlled by each control - lots of systems require one controller per door but others support 8 doors for the one controller, thereby reducing installation and support costs. An Access Control system has the ability to be utilised for compliance purposes, keeping a database of accreditations when these are due for renewal for the companies own staff and subcontractors. The system will automatically send an email advising of action needed by the individual before access will be denied. This is all controlled by what the company’s requirements are and is extremely flexible.

Another feature which saves on resources is the ability to integrate the Access Control system to Microsoft Active Directories Services ®, thereby reducing costly administration staff and streamlining the whole system.