ANPR, DVD / Blue-Ray Incident Recording

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Synopsis and other various analytics are available from world leaders in this field. A world leader in solutions targeting storage and distribution of digital content is a company called Rimage who have developed an integrated solution that solves critical content distribution and long term archiving issues in the surveillance industry.

The prerequisite to utilising new and exciting developments in Intelligent Video Analytics is to have a Digital Image - analogue systems in the past had to digitise their signal prior to doing any analytics.

Many exciting developments have and are occurring in this end of the market, compressing 3 hours of video into 3 minutes for very easy review of footage is available today! Standard Analytics such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Search and Analysis software and Real Time detection and alert software are all currently available and have improved dramatically from a few years ago.

Again interfacing and integrating these powerful tools seamlessly to your Video Management System and Google MAPS API’s making the system as a whole extremely flexible and powerful. With a growing number of digital surveillance cameras, increased image quality and recording required complicated retention requirements. Organisations and companies are facing critical data management and archiving strategy challenges.

With the take up of 1-16+ Mega Pixel IP cameras and higher frame rates this has aggravated the situation where the amount of footage has grown exponentially, this has led to the question: "Do I delete old footage and potentially lose critical content, or do I keep adding costly hard drives?

There is another way that gives you flexibility and unlimited cost effective storage with evidentiary grade DVD and BD media. Rimage Surveillance "Publisher" and Rimage Surveillance "Archiver" completely automates the process of exporting content for publishing and managing long-term archiving to DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) media. Rimage Surveillance Video Storage Solutions utilise evidentiary grade DVD and BD media.

This high-quality media enables users to securely and cost effectively distribute content as and when needed, to archive surveillance video data for extended periods or permanent storage. Every disc can contain user-defined content along with a viewer. This enables users to easily view content on any Windows™ based computer with a DVD or Blu-ray drive.

Surveillance Software Suite
 Rimage software modules have the flexibility and power to integrate into almost any workflow and process. These modules can be integrated into a number of VMS (Video Management Systems), Rimage software adapts to end user needs and workflows, instead of requiring them to adapt to use a Rimage disc publishing system. The result is a dramatic decrease in the time and expense of managing complex processes.