Video Management Systems (VMS)

Fully scalable and integrated IP Video Management System from 1 to 10,000 Cameras with Access Control, Fire and Intruder Integration.

Understanding why you need CCTV is a good point to start?

How will you address these issues and needs, and how well can you integrate disciplines such as Building Management System, Fire, Intruder, Access Control and other security systems into one coherent system is where the choice of a Video Management System becomes critical.

Offering a wide selection of camera options is a basic function of a good Video Management System, having good and comprehensive integration of third party products and services from other disciplines such as Access Control, Intruder, Fire & BMS is also extremely important as integration can be a loose term or a starting point offering and supporting a selection of ANPR and other types of Analytics should also be a consideration.

Check Your Security offer customers many options as far as Video Management Systems, based on discussions and a site survey to ensure that customers have a flexible and scalable solution that not only meet today’s goals, but also can expand as and when required.