Enterprise Audit Report (EAR)

If you have a medium to large analogue CCTV or Access Control System that needs upgrading, this product will give you a blue print for success and greatly reduce risk factors, making sure that the best workable and scalable solutions are highlighted and chosen.

Medium to large CCTV, Access Control, Intruder sites whose equipment and its condition has not been reviewed and checked on a regular basis can become a big issue over time, especially if this is outsourced or personnel have changed.

Highlighting and documenting additions, changes and maintenance completion timeframes can be overlooked. Original installers or subcontracts could have overlooked numerous issues, such as design issues and version faults that have not been fixed over the years but accumulated - your security staff have just lived with it thinking this is how the systems works. This is not always the case, what if patches and software fixes were implemented.


Putting together a complete Asset register of all equipment in your security systems CCTV, Access Control, Fencing, Intruder gives you an opportunity to appraise what you have in place, its condition, value upgradability and condition so that this could be reviewed in conjunction with your Risk register, strategic decisions can then be made based on current and correct information on what exactly is in place and working today.

It's pretty obvious that without this type of information a large percentage of guess work is the only alternative – this is not acceptable let alone in medium to high security environments.