Lighting & Cabling

LED Infra Red, White Light range of distances and angles matched to CCTV system or security requirements.

As part of a total security solution, lighting is a major consideration that should be considered. The three main options open to you are:


   IR for night vision in darkness and covert surveillance

   Thermal to spot heat and intruders in total darkness

   LED powerful white light technology where lighting is required to highlight an area or intruder


All have their place depending on what level of security is trying to be achieved.

Good lighting is crucial for quality CCTV with the advent of LED white light, the ability to gain environmentally friendly and cost effective high power lighting at an affordable total cost of ownership is here today. These lighting systems enable you to get quality colour pictures 24 x 7, plus they are a good deterrent for restricted areas where LED white light can be connected to your PTZ giving ranges from 50-150 yards. Connected to your CCTV they can be triggered by numerous means: the first is for a guard monitoring the CCTV to just switch them on, secondly for the PTZ to be linked to PIR or arrays which trigger the camera and lights, the third is to be part of a remote control where the light will come on for dark areas only should you wish.

It is a fact that 60-70% of all IT/IP data cabling is never tested, this can go unnoticed but could have severe consequences to the output, especially when Fibre is the medium. The system will work but you could lose 40-60% on bandwidth, but having Fibre that has not been properly cleaned. Testing can be carried out by using advanced testing equipment like Flukes DTX 1800 and OTDR equipment that can generate printed test results to ensure compliance to international cabling standards.

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